BISP Program Online Check Payment 2022 (SMS & CNIC)

Imran Khan extended 12,000 to 14,000 Sensation Program. Register and check your money online with the complete guide found here on this page of the myjobpk article.

Poor and needy females in Pakistan can get Ehsaa’s money after 6 months. This money will only be given to those females who have completed a sense survey.

Basically, you have to visit the nearest survey center to sense and apply (a record) your biometric data. They will ask about your CNIC, your name, your spouse’s name, family members, sources of income, financial circumstances, and your property.

Ehsaas program 14000 money

It was 12,000 but on February 28, 2022, while speaking to the public on state television, the Prime Minister increased by 2,000 by that amount. Basically, it was 12,000, in the early days, after that it was increased to 13,000 and now the updated amount is 14,000 Pakistani rupees.

Now the question arises “How can we apply and get” the next extended amount of 14,000 by Ehsaas Program. For this procedure, here we have provided step-by-step details. Follow these specific steps and (apply + receive) money sense after every 6 month period.

Steps to apply and receive 14000

These are the four steps you must follow to verify, sign up, sign up and finally receive your regular Sense support:

  • First – check your eligibility whether you are eligible for support or not via (SMS method and online Ehsaas tracking portal)
  • Second – all users who get a positive response “will be eligible for Ehsaas support they must register their name on CNIC+ in Ehsaas Survey Centers”
  • Third – Get the registered Ehsaas Coupon and wait for Ehsaas to back the funds granted by the government. (You will receive a text message on the registered number that your money has reached the Ehsaas Center)
  • Fourth – Finally, after you get the Ehsaas Money SMS Alert, visit the nearest Ehsaas Center located in all cities of Pakistan and get 14,000 regularly after the period of 6 months.

Note: It is an indicative article and we do not record or give check facilities. You have to visit the official Ehsaas portal to check your status. In addition, we have described each step below in 100% detail and description links.

Step 1 (Check your eligibility)

There are two ways (SMS & Online) Trick to check eligibility of Pakistan Post. First, check if you qualify for Ehsaas support via “SMS” instead of “Online portal” – the demo is below:

Check via SMS

  • Write your CNIC number without strings
  • Send this number to 8171 by text message
  • In response you will receive your eligibility report
  • “Reply” will tell you whether you can get the money or not

Check via Online Portal

  • Visit Ehsaas Tracking Portal 8171
  • Enter your model number or CNIC number
  • Now enter your mobile number (SIM)
  • Click on “Maloom Karen” and inquire about the status of your money

Hence all users who receive ‘positive signals’ are then eligible to visit survey centers. It is the second step described below.

Second Step (Visit the Registration Center)

There are many registration centers located in Pakistan (all regions) and villages. Visit the center with your CNIC and register via a sense ‘survey’.

  • Visit a sense of space center
  • Complete your survey
  • Tell the agent about your income
  • Also summarize your property in front of the agent
  • They will register you and give you a SLIP

Step Three (Get the Slip and wait for the SMS)

You will be registered in the Ehsaas Database (NADRA) after the survey. Now you have to take care of the voucher given to you by Ehsaas Space Office. This slip looks like this.

Here your name, CNIC number, family number, family member quantity, mobile number are present. Hence, it is proof that your registration is in the Ehsaas database. In a few months, you will receive a text message that your money has arrived and visit the Ehsaas Center to collect it.

Step Four (Receive SMS and Collect Funds)

Finally, after successful registration with Ehsaas, you will receive a voucher and they will register your CNIC number and phone number. When your order is processed, you will receive an SMS that you will visit Ehsaas and get paid. It is the last step and you will get 14,000 with the Ehsaas program.

Important Notice (Scam Alert)

Always give importance to 8171 SMS, because many scam text messages from different numbers and ask for money from poor people. Hence Ihsas just send SMS from 8171 and all other numbers are fake and you ignore such SMS.

(BISP) New update | new installments 16000 online check payment

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